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the Preferred Futurist | The crazy woman focussing the preferred future with her load of ideas she joyfully brings to life. | Favorite SF quote: "Always address a person in her resources first." (Insoo Kim Berg)

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About this Course

Welcome to Hope and Reasons for Living - Solution Focused Suicide prevention - More than 230 people have already joined in, be one of them!

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"Anyone who is supporting another person's reasons for living is doing suicide prevention.“ (Heather Fiske)

This FREE online program includes:

  • Elfie Czerny’s welcome video with what brought her to do this project about Solution Focused Suicide Prevention,
  • a recording of a live webinar with Heather Fiske, Brigitte Lavoie, Elfie Czerny and other great practitioners about “Hope and Reasons for Living – Solution Focused Suicide Prevention”,
  • a follow-up video conversation with Heather Fiske and Brigitte Lavoie about Hope in Action (Solution Focused Suicide Prevention),
  • other resources connected to the topic.

In this course we will talk about:

  • what is special about the Solution Focus in suicide prevention
  • the fit of Solution Focus practice with the demands of suicide prevention
  • practical Solution Focus skills that are useful in intervening with suicidal people 
  • how Solution Focus conversation can highlight and reinforce hope and reasons for living

Thank you for joining in and making a difference!

Elfie Czerny

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